First Name
e.g. John or Jane
Last Name
e.g. Smith or Albert
Zip Code
e.g. 95156
What issue matter most to you and your family?
Affordable heath care
Criminal justice reform
Cyber security and information warfare
Dealing with climate change
Debt-free college
Disability rights
Gun violence prevention
Immigration reform and supporting DREAMers
Improving our public schools
LGBT rights and equality
National Security
Racial justice
Serving our veterans
Social Security and Medicare
Strengthening the economy
Treatment for addiction and substance abuse
Voting rights and access
Women's rights and opportunities
Workers' rights
Which of these is your biggest priority in 2018?
Holding Congress accountable
Taking back the House
Taking back the Senate
Winning state houses
Expanding voting rights
Supporting diverse progressive candidates
Anything else you want to add?
Did you vote in Nov 8, 2016?